If cast members would like to send any inside info my way, you can do so securely and anonymously. Currently I am using the mobile app Threema for this. It has secure end to end encryption meaning that once you send a message, only the person the message was meant for is capable of reading the message. While Threema is not a free app, it currently has the best security and anonymity standards for sending encrypted messages. The price of the app is only $2.99 and is well worth the price to know your messages are secure and cannot be intercepted by anyone even if they are monitoring your network traffic. When signing up for a Threema account remember that you DO NOT have to attach your personal phone number or email address like you would with other messaging services.

To contact me on Threema, send your messages to the Threema ID: B8V5YPWV

You can send a simple email to the address: Michael@Disney.Pro
While email is not a secure means of communication, know that I will consider everything sent to me to be anonymous and will never publish anything that may personally identify someone.

A third option that I have setup is a Disney Pro Tip Line. Call from a payphone somewhere off of disney property: (786)991-9985
All recordings are erased within 24 hours.